RevoTV is using Ekioh browser providing outstanding performance and vivid graphics. New User Interface design provides easy access to all features with just few clicks away. Compatible STB models: Albis-Elcon, Arris and Motorola. Set-Top-Boxes are customized and fine tuned to keep maximal performance.

based on cloud

The TV portal runs mostly in cloud and uses memory cache providing unlimited CPU power and saving precious one on STB. CDN provides additional possibilities for caching the content closer to customers.

user oriented

User oriented portal provide exceptional features bringing the most desired content to the foreground. Our experience and customer pools played a vital rule in the design.

focus on TV

TV content is the most important - TV runs in the background. Your customer will never miss any action, TV portal is an addition providing information about TV shows with EPG and metadata.



By the built-in applications, such as a screensaver, you can relax in front of the TV, watching a burning log in the fireplace or listening to the sound of a mountain stream. You can also starting your favorite radio station.


Are you interested in the weather, currency exchange rates or Lotto lottery results? All this information can be found on your desktop, which you can open by pressing one button on the remote control.

Electronic Program Guide

Thanks to the electronic program guide you can find not only the ongoing programmes, but also the upcoming ones. You can also schedule a recording or notification to not miss any interesting position.

Mini EPG

Do you want to read the description or see the ratings of the currently viewed programme? Just press one buttons on your remote control.


Create your own profiles with your favorite channels arranged in any order. You can also use predefined profiles in which we grouped channels according to their subject for you.


Manage your recordings on the convenient list, where you can easily find newly saved programmes that are just waiting to be played.

Search programme

Would you like to watch your favorite movie, but you do not know when it will be broadcast? Use the search engine to find the date and channel where you can see it.


Browse the database of hundreds of programmes and series, where everyone will find something for themselves and watch without ads at any convenient moment.

Channels list

Find the channel and programme that interests you in the blink of an eye with the comfortable view of the channel list, where you can find the currently broadcast programme with descriptions and ratings.

Extended Info

Do you need more information about the programme you are interested in? Just one click to display descriptions, ratings, list of actors or upcoming broadcast. All in one place, sorted in a readable way.


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